Caleta de Maro

Caleta de Maro

Caleta de Maro is a sandy beach of medium size, shielded beneath the cliffs and the Vega of Maro (fertile plains of Maro), with a wild and natural beauty. Access is via the crossroads from the Nerja Cave to Maro, crossing Maro and descending along a road on the other side of Maro which weaves its way between crop fields and greenhouses. After the first bend, take a lane to the right. Once on the lane veer off again to the right between two greenhouses – an entrance that is not very visible. Carry on until reaching a widening of the track where cars can be parked. Passing by the chain, walk down to the beach.

The total distance covered is less than 2 kilometres.

Playa de Maro

Playa de Maro is a sandy beach popular during the summer season. To reach it take the same road as above for Caleta de Maro until reaching a small square with parking spaces. From here there is a path down to the beach where there is a beach restaurant. The distance from the coast road is about 2 kilometres.

Caleta de Maro
Caleta de Maro

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