Route of Oil and Mountains

The Route of Oil & Mountains
The Route of Oil & Mountains

The Route of Oil and Mountains is 62.5 kilometres long. It runs entirely inland through mountainous terrain in the north-west of Axarquia. The climate here has a different influence than at the coast resulting in slightly hotter summers and a little more rainfall in winters. The ‘oil’ in the name of the route is, of course, olive oil grown from the verdial trees of the region and producing one of the best olive oils in the world. The route traverses the municipalities of Vinuela, Alcaucin, Periana, Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo, Riogordo and Colmenar.

The route begins in the village of Vinuela on the C-335, 14 kilometres to the north of Velez-Malaga. The next stop is reached by following the C-335 for a further 4 kilometres before turning right to take a 5 kilometre road to Alcaucin.

To reach the third stop on the route we return to the C-335 travelling north until the bridge of Puente de Don Miguel where the road branches left on the C-340 to Periana , a distance of 13 kilometres from Alcaucin.

Guaro and mount Maroma After leaving Periana we continue on the C-340 until taking a road on the right to Alfarnate which is 15 kilometres from the last stop and the most northerly village of Axarquia and the Route of Oil and Mountains. The road to Alfarnate has some of the most spectacular views in Axarquia, rising with the small hamlet of Guaro and Mount Maroma on the right, taking in Lake Vinuela and stretching down to the long coastline. Just 3 kilometres from Alfarnate is the village of Alfarnatejo.

The route continues from here with a return to the C-340 travelling alongside the Sabar River for 7 kilometres. At the T-junction with the C-340 we turn right and continue for another 8 kilometres to Riogordo in the valley of the Cueva River.

A return to Velez-Malaga is possible via a choice of roads, or to Malaga along the mountain road C-345 or N-321 passing through Casabermeja.