Sierra de Cardena y Montoro

Sierra de Cardena Montoro
Sierra de Cardena Montoro
Area 14 is the Sierra de Cardena y Montoro

The highest point of the Sierra de Cardena y Montoro Natural Park (official website and maps) in Cordoba Province is 828 metres at La Colmena. Otherwise the park is a combination of gentle hills with outcrops of boulders, forest and meadows. The Sierra de Cardena y Montoro Natural Park borders the Sierra Andujar Natural Park (13) in Jaen Province from which it is separated by the River Yeguas. In common with the Sierra Andujar, the threatened Iberian Lynx and Wolf are found here.

Trees include a woodland of Pyrenean Oak, Holm, Cork and Gall Oaks, Wild Olives, Stone Pines, Maritime Pine, Willows, Ash, Black Poplar and Alder. Shrubs and scrubland include Rockrose, Lavender and Rosemary.

Province: Cordoba
Status: Natural Park – 1989
Size: 41,000 hectares

Other mammals include including Red, Fallow and Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Badger, Fox, Mongoose, Stone Martin, Genet, Wild Cat, Weasel, Hare and Rabbit.

Birds of Prey include Imperial, Bonelli’s, Booted, Short-toed and Golden Eagles, Sparrow Hawks, Goshawks, Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels, Lesser Kestrels, Peregrines, Black and Griffon Vultures, and Tawny, Long-eared, Little and Eagle Owls. Other birdlife includes Kingfishers, Dippers, Nightingales, Warblers, Wrens, Herons, Egrets and Little Grebes. A hide for bird watching is provided by the Embalse de Tejoneras reservoir.