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Ripe fig on a fig tree


The fig tree has unusually large leaves, 4 to 10 inches long, bright green with up to five rounded lobes. The leaves are well...
Carob or Algarrobo Pods

Carob or Algarrobo Trees

The carob is known in Spain as algarrobo. The evergreen tree is a member of the legume family (peas etc.), is native to the...
Museo de Alborania

Sea Aquarium Museum (Museo Alborania)

Opening Times 11th Septiembre to 30th June: 10:30h to 14:00h Monday to Sunday and 16:30h to 18:30h Thursday to Sunday 1st July to 10th September: 11:00h...
Bonsai museum

Bonsai Museum (Museo del Bonsai)

Opening Times; Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am. to 1:30 pm. and from 3:15 pm. to 7:30 pm. July and August: Monday to Sunday from 10...
El Ranchito Equestrian Center

El Ranchito Horse & Flamenco Shows

Every Wednesday with a free bus from hotels. The programme includes a horse show, flamenco show and dinner: 18.00h Horse show at El Ranchito...
Finca Siesta Horse Shows

Finca Siesta Riding & Horse Shows

Finca Siesta is located close to Selwo Adventure Park in Estepona. During July, August and September, on Saturday evenings, a display of high school dressage...
The Wisteria Path at Malaga's Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens Malaga (La Concepción)

Open: 1st April-20th June from 10.00h to 18.30h 21st June-10th September from 10.00h to 19.30h 11th September-20th October...
big daddy

Crocodile Park Torremolinos

Crocodile Park features: 300 crocodiles/12 different species Demonstrations African fortress Big Daddy - at 600 kilograms and 4.6 metres long, he is the largest crocodile in Europe Crocodile museum Croco's...
Biopark Fuengirola

Bio Parc (Fuengirola Zoo)

Set amidst tropical forests of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and south-east Asia, this zoo is designed to replicate the natural habitat of each of the...
Eagle Display

Garden of Eagles

Opening times: October-April from 13.00h to 17.00h May-August from 13.00 to 20.00h September from 13.00h to 18.00h 160 birds...

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Axarquia & Malaga Beaches

The Mediterranean Costa del Sol to the east of Malaga, along southern Axarquia, is much less developed than the western Costa del Sol. The...


Each town and village in Axarquia, and surrounding Andalucia, hosts a colourful and lively street market once or twice a week. Some also have...
Malaga Walking Tour

Walking In Malaga City

Park at the underground marina car park under the port both marked on the map. Cross the road and enter the port through the...

Flamingos & Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

A must for nature lovers is Andalucia´s largest lagoon, Fuente de Piedra, a veritable haven for visitors wishing to lose themselves in the tranquillity...

Tapas in the Axarquia

Every town and village has numerous excellent tapas bars that can be found by wandering around. Here are just some. Quick Links Algarrobo Costa / Algarrobo...