Sierra Magina

Sierra Magina Natural Park
Sierra Magina Natural Park
Area 11 Sierra Magina

The Sierra Magina (official website and maps) is part of the Cordillera Subbetica limestone mountain range. It has three peaks over 2,000 metres in altitude, the highest of which is Magina at 2,165 metres. The area has a selection of highly specialized plants that are endemic to the park. The exposed rocky peaks, vertical cliffs, shaded woodland, river banks and extensive Olive and Almond groves each offer a different habitat. South of Jimena there is a small wood, the Pinar de Canavas, of exceptionally large 100 year old Aleppo pines.

Trees include Holms Oak, Cork Oak, Gall Oak, Montpellier Maple and Wild Cherry. Shrubs include Hawthorn, Gorse, Spanish Barberry, Juniper and Rosemary.

Province: Jaen
Status: Natural Park – 1989
Size: 20,000 hectares

Mammals include the Spanish Ibex, Wild Boar, Fox, Genet, Wild Cat, Stone Marten and a wide variety of bat species.

Birds of prey include Bonelli’s, Short-toed and Golden Eagles, Griffon Vultures, Ring ouzels, Red-billed Choughs, Peregrine Falcons, and Kestrels. Other birdlife includes Northern wheatears, Blue rock Thrush, Alpine Swift, Crested Tit, Golden Orioles, Dippers and Bee-eater. Nocturnal birds are Barn, Eagle and Tawny owls.

Reptiles found in the open scrubland are Ladder Snake, Montpellier Snake, Ocellated Lizards and Algerian Sand Lizards. Amphibians include Iberian Marsh Frog, Southern Midwife Toad and Natterjack Toad.