Riogordo, in the area of Axarquia east of Malaga, is situated 39 kilometres from Malaga City and 46 kilometres from the coast at Torre del Mar. The village has an altitude of 400 metres, a population of 3,100, and lies on the scenic Route of Olive Oil and Mountains.
The village layout of Riogordo maintains its Moorish origin, although newer construction also exists. There are many 16th century niches dotted throughout the streets and the parish church of the Virgen de Gracia is from the same century. There is also a small rural ethnographic museum.

The history of settlement in the area goes back to the Phoenicians and Romans. Remains of these civilisations can be found at the Castle of Aute, which was later used by the Moors.

Riogordo Facts
Size of Municipality: 41 km2
Altitude: 400 m
Distance to Malaga: 39 km
Distance to coast: 46 km
Average sunshine per day: 7.81 hrs
Population: 3,100
Inhabitants: Riogordeños

During the 19th century the proximity of Riogordo to the mountains made it a centre of banditry.

During Easter Week Passsion Plays are enacted and attract many visitors, part of a series of fiestas and festivals held throughout Axarquia. At the end of May, Riogordo hosts another of its many annual fiestas, the Day of the Snail. Visitors are invited to taste this local dish prepared from land snails cooked in stock, served with olives, beer and local wine and accompanied by music and dancing. Details of these and Riogordo´s other fiestas, including a Cattle Fair, can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Riogordo Popular Fiestas:
May 27th
August 17th
Popular Fiestas:
Easter week – Passion Plays on Easter Friday and Saturday
May – Festival of Snails
May – Cattle Fair
Late May – Fiesta de Riogordo
Mid August – Flamenco Festival
Late August – Feria de Riogordo
September – Candil Fair

Riogordo Useful Numbers:
Chemist: 952 730 408
Emergency Doctor: 061
Guardia Civil: 952 730 408
Emergency Police: 091
Town Hall and Council: 952 730 407 / 952 732 154
Museo Rural: 952 732 154