Figueres nestles in the green fertile inland of the Costa Brava. The town is famous for the great quantities of fruit and vegetables grown in the surrounding countryside, but it is even more reknowned as the birthplace of Salvador Dali.


Sightseeing in Figueres

The 18th century Castell de Sant Ferran on the main street.
The Toy Museum, also on the main street.
The Dali Theatre Museum – planned personally by Dali in 1974 inside the old town theatre. The museum houses a highly significant selection of his work. The building itself, with very unusual features, has become a splendid monument in its own right and a tribute to Dali’s unmistakable and original style. An interesting and fun place to visit.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali, the incredibly prolific and audacious artist, ceaselessly searched for something different and was continuously the subject of debate and controversy. Born in Figueres in 1904, he was very attached to his home town and also had a house in the neaby coastal Cadaques.

Dali Museum, Figueras
Dali Museum, Figueras

Neither did this versatile artist ever spurn experience in other fields such as cinema and literature. After studying at the Madrid Academy of Art, he immediately attuned his spiritual and artistic lifestyle towards every possible type of experience, from Cubism to Futurism, from Metaphysics to Surrealism, which he revised in an extremely personal manner.
Dali’s very complex personality secured him success right from the start – his first exhibition was in 1919 – which continued to increase despite the controversies. By the time Dali died in 1989, he had already been acclaimed one of the greatest and most interesting artists of the 20th century.