Periana is situated 51 kilometres from Malaga and 28 kilometres from the coast at Torre del Mar, at an altitude of 547 metres. Periana lies within the area of Axarquia, east of Malaga, on the scenic Route of Olive Oil and Mountains and has a population of 3,550.
The name of the village dates from 1761 and is derived from two ancient defensive positions called Pereiro and Santana. Periana began as a simple farmstead in wide meadowland that stood between the two.

Periana is an attractive village with stunning all round views. To the north there are fabulous mountain ranges whilst to the south there is Lake Vinuela and the coastline. The streets are Moorish in style, although the town was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1884. The original Mudejar styled parish church of San Isidro, found in the Plaza de la Lomillaja, also had to be rebuilt.

This pretty town has all amenities including a health clinic, public parks and various childrens´playgrounds, a public pool, supermarkets, shops, banks, schools etc.

Moorish Baths at Baños de Vilo Numerous prehistoric sites and settlements have been discovered by archaeologists in the area, including Cerro de Capellanía, El Fuerte, Llano de la Matanza, Rio Seco and Cerro Alcolea.

Two kilometres to the north of Periana, at Banos de Vilo, there are sulphurous Moorish baths. These continued to be used for their medicinal waters until the 19th century and have recently been restored. Another very pretty spot is the source of the Rio Guaro which feeds Lake Vinuela.

Periana Facts
Size of Municipality: 59 km2
Altitude: 547 m
Distance to Malaga: 51 km
Distance to coast: 28 km
Average sunshine per day: 7.74 hrs
Population: 3,550
Inhabitants: Perianenses

Peaches are the main crop of the region and are said to be the best in Spain. A Peach Fair is held in Periana every summer at the end of August, one of a series of fiestas and festivals held throughout Axarquia. Verdial olive oil is another product for which Periana is renowned, with members of two large cooperatives in the town organising another annual festival earlier in the year. The festival of Verdial Olive Oil is an opportunity for thousands of visitors to try this superior olive oil offered in the form of a miller´s breakfast (bread soaked in olive oil). During the festival there are different activities, tastings of regional products, shows and dancing, with the main stage hosting many different performances. Details of these and other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Village square in Periana Local dishes include ‘sopa cachorrena’ (bitter orange soup) with salt cod, and ‘morrete’ made of asparagus, mushrooms and potatoes. with almond sauce and excellent ewe’s and goat’s cheeses eaten with honey from local hives.

Towns and hamlets within the municipality of Periana are: Mondron, Los Moya, Vilo, Baños de Vilo, Regalon, Guaro, La Negra and Los Marines.

Periana Popular Fiestas:
May 15th & 16th
Popular Fiestas:
Mid March – Festival of San Jose & Verdial Olive
Mid May – Fiestas de San Isidro & Flamenco
Late May – Fiesta de San Fernando (Mondron)
Late August – Feria de Melocoton
Late october – Feria de Periana
November – Gastronomy Festival

Periana Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091
Town Hall and Council: 952 536 016 / 952 536 167 / 952 536 276
Council website: