Torrox & Torrox Costa

Torrox Pueblo
Torrox Pueblo
Torrox is situated 46 kilometres east of Malaga. It has four urban nuclei: Torrox Costa, El Morche and El Peñoncillo on the coast, and Torrox Pueblo 2 kilometres inland and 120 metres above sea level. Torrox lies within the area of Axarquia, on the scenic Route of Sun and Wine, and has a residential population of 16,500 which increases with tourism during the summer months.

Torrox & Torrox Costa Facts
Size of Municipality: 250 km2
Altitude: 0 to 120 m
Distance to Malaga: 46 km
Distance to coast: 0 to 2 km
Average sunshine per day: 8.00 hrs
Population: 16,500
Inhabitants: Torroxeños

On the last Sunday before Christmas each year, Torrox holds its annual Migas Fiesta. Migas is a dish with a base of corn flour, olive oil, water and garlic which is a traditional dish for harvest workers. In Torrox it is accompanied by a salad of tomatoes, oranges and olives. More than 40,000 visitors attend this fiesta for whom migas is cooked in large frying pans throughout the town. The dish, accompanied by plenty of wine, is offered to all whilst music and dance performances take place in the pueblo´s main square. Details of Torrox´s other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Torrox Pueblo has retained its white Moorish village structure with attractive narrow streets and a main square which is a lively and focal meeting place. Much of the town has beautiful views down to the coast. There was once a Moorish castle on top of the hill on which the town stands where, it is claimed, King Almanzor was born in the 10th century. During Islamic occupation, Torrox prospered in agriculture and the silk trade. 16th century buildings include the Mudejar style church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación and the Shrine and Convent of the Virgen de las Nieves. Interesting civil works include the 18th century Hospital of San José and the 19th century Sugar Factory.

Torrox Costa
Torrox Costa
Torrox Pueblo Torrox Costa is one of only two towns along the coast of Axarquia that has high rise apartment blocks along its central coastal stretch. This is compensated for by two splendid maritime promenades with attractive restaurants and bars and 9 kilometres of wide sandy beaches. Either side of the main area are more rustic low rise buildings and bamboo fringed beaches. El Morche, on the coast to the west of Torrox Costa, is a small unspoilt sea-side village. To the east of the main town, alongside the lighthouse, the new ‘Balcon de Torrox’ has been constructed as a lookout to the sea and headlands and with transparent flooring looking down on Roman remains described below.

El Morche
El Morche
El Morche Phoenician remains on the coast testify to the long history of settlement in the area but Torrox also constituted an important factory town during the Roman era, from which extensive ruins have been conserved on the coast beside the lighthouse. These include a necroplis, a restored thermal baths, ovens used in the manufacture of ceramics, houses, the luxury villa Clavicum built in the 1st century and troughs used for the preparation of fish paste (garum).

The River Torrox irrigates the area supplying water for the cultivation of sub-tropical and greenhouse fruits on the coast and vineyards and olive trees inland.

Towns and villages in the municipality of Torrox Pueblo are: Torrox Costa, El Morche and El Peñoncillo.

Torrox & Torrox Costa Popular Fiestas:
August 12th
October 7th
Popular Fiestas:
Early March – Feria de la Mujer Trabajadora
Early May – Fiesta de la Crux
July 16th – Virgen del Carmen in El Morche
Early August – Fiesta de Virgen de las Nieves
Mid August – Feria de El Morche
Early October – Feria de Torrox
Sunday before Christmas – Migas Fair

Torrox & Torrox Costa Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Medical Centres: 952 538 271 / 952 530 013
Guardia Civil: 952 538 008
Local Police: 952 539 828
Emergency Police: 091
Taxis: 952 530 352
Tourist Office: 952 530 225
Town Council: 952 530 225 / 952 538 200
Council website: