Almachar lies 26 kilometres from Malaga, 15 kilometres from the coast at Rincon de la Victoria and 14 kilometres from Velez-Malaga. At an altitude of 230 metres, this very pretty village is located within the area of Axarquia, east of Malaga, and has a population of 2,100.
Almachar is an Arabic name meaning meadows. The village church of San Mateo is from the 16th century and combines Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar architecture with two internal Baroque alcoves. The town lies on the scenic Route of the Raisin and there is a small raisin museum in the village.

Outside of the village there is a place of archaeological interest which is the Cueva del Toro (cave of the bull). Surrounded by vineyards, olives and cereals, the municipality of Almachar stretches its lands by the bowl of the river Almáchar, from the Almachar low ridge (334m) to the Vallejo peak (609m) to the south. Farmhouses stand out on hillsides where the grapes are laid out to dry on distinctive raisin beds. Farm land by the river banks ascends in vegetable patches, citrus and fruit groves up to the edge of the town. The best panoramas are seen from the town square looking towards the nearby village of El Borge.

Street View in Almachar Almachar is home to one of Spain’s myths that somewhere locally is hidden, and guarded by the most jealous of spirits, a horde of gold and jewells left behind by retreating Moors in 1497. The site of the treasure is reputed to be in a cave underneath one of the fountains near the river Almachar.

An annual fiesta of ‘Ajoblanco’ is held at the beginning of September and starts about midday. The ritual involved can take quite a few hours and should be tried by anyone who can handle a healthy walk through town. The idea is to follow the arrowed signs (put up for the day) through the town and partake of the many ‘ajoblanco’ stops on your way where you will be given a free glass of the most deliciously refreshing drink of a cold almond and garlic soup. You will also be given a handful of grapes to enjoy with this glass of joy and then can continue to wend your way onto the next port of call. In the evening Flamenco dancers and musicians can be found entertaining in various of the village squares. Details of Almachar´s other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Throughout the village, on many a street corner, tiles are mounted on the walls of the buildings pointing the way to various places of interest including a cave and the raisin museum. The museum shows the way of life over the past five hundred years and tries to keep alive some of the old customs and traditions of country life in the Axarquia. It demonstrates how every September the whole family is involved in harvesting the grape, from the strongest and fittest hauling the grapes to the drying areas to grandma sitting down patiently clipping the stems from the dried grape as she also tends the youngest of the family.

Almachar Facts
Size of Municipality: 14 km2
Altitude: 230 m
Distance to Malaga: 26 km
Distance to coast: 15 km
Average sunshine per day: 7.95 hrs
Population: 2,100
Inhabitants: Almachareños

Almachar There are many interesting nooks and crannies in the village, like the Jardines de El Forte, the Barrio de las Cabras and the Plaza del Santo Cristo where the Raisin Museum is situated. There is an Aparthotel with five fully-equipped apartments where travellers can rest. During Moslem occupation Almachar formed part of the “Four Villages”, along with Cútar, El Borge and Moclinejo under the protection of Comares and its castle. The first real historical data is from the 16th century, when a number of herding families occupied the town after the Moors and are registered as angry about an agreement involving the cultivation of grapes. The placing of a huge cross on a nearby hill by townspeople resulted in many writers referring to the village as Almachar de la Cruz, a symbol which is still incorporated into the town¹s coat-of-arms. The excellent quality of manufactured cloths from the town at the end of the 19th century made Almachar famous. At this time there were more than a hundred workshops involved in the industry.

Almachar Popular Fiestas:
May 6th
July 26th
Popular Fiestas:
Early May – Fiesta of Santo Cristo
Mid May – Romeria
Late July – Feria de Almachar
Early September – Fiesta del Ajo Blanco

Almachar Useful Numbers:
Chemist: 952 512 031
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091
Town Hall and Council: 952 512 002
Council website: