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Competa is situated 49 kilometres from Malaga City and 18 kilometres from the coast at Torrox Costa, at an altitude of 636 metres. It lies within the area of Axarquia, east of Malaga, in the foothills of the Sierra Almijara. On the scenic Route of Sun and Wine, Competa has a population of 3,800 comprised from thirty-five different nationalities living in harmony.

Map of Competa
Map of Competa

Competa´s charming whitewashed streets come together in a central plaza next to the Church of La Asuncion with a unique golden dome that stands out above the village. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, tapas bars and shops some of which specialise in ceramics.

Competa Facts
Size of Municipality: 55 km2
Altitude: 636 m
Distance to Malaga: 49 km
Distance to coast: 18 km
Average sunshine per day: 8.00 hrs
Population: 3,800
Inhabitants: Competeños

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The local area is irrigated by numerous springs and streams from surrounding mountains. The nearby Casa de la Mira Nature Reserve is spectacularly beautiful. The main local product is the muscatel grape; the wines of Competa being excellent and renowned throughout Spain. In general the locals prefer the sweet variety whilst visitors prefer the dry. Both are highly potent!

Competa enjoys a variety of annual fiestas including a popular celebration of wine, the Noche del Vino (Night of the Wine), held each 15th August. Flamenco and other music and dance accompany the free-flowing wine that can be sampled freely throughout the streets.

Plaza Almijara in Competa The Noche del Vino is a very old traditional party which has been celebrated for a long time. Traditionally the inhabitants of Competa went to their cortijos (farmhouses) up in the mountains during the vintage and didn’t return until October, when the raisins were packed and the grapes had been pressed. On August the 15th they met at Plaza Almijara for a farewell party, where they sang and danced fandangos and drank the famous local wine.

General view of Competa Being highly significant for the people of Competa, the party was made official in 1975. It is now organised by the local council and includes a programme by which visitors can get in touch with local traditions.

Over the last 15 years people from all over Europe have settled here. They, along with enterprising locals, have set up a range of high quality and interesting restaurants, guest houses and activity centers. In which other traditional white washed village can you hire a Vespa, take part in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, do some Zumba, ride white Andalucian horses, go kayaking and hiking all in the same day? For dinner you can choose from fantastic pil-pil and paella to curry, tajine’s, pizza, steak, fish and some great veggie options. You can stay in a high qualty Belgian B&B, the great village hotel (Balcon de Competa), the gay friendly Casa los Dos or the fantastic Finca los Pinos (to name but a few). This is one of the reasons Competa stands out from other locations in the region; it has managed to retain its beauty & traditions providing a safe and tranquil base whilst offering a great mix of accommodation, food and things to do.

During the morning of August 15th, there is demonstration of ‘la pisa de la uva’ (treading on grapes). There follows a free country-style lunch with ‘migas de harina’ (garlic and meat cooked with flour crumbs), sardines, rural salad (peppers, oranges, onions, olives and tomatoes) and chorizo sausages. Both the pisa and the lunch are accompanied by local musicians. The party continues into the evening until the early hours of the next morning with music and dance around the Plaza Almijara. Details of Competa´s other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Competa is a pretty village which has retained its original Moorish layout and has lots of interesting nooks and crannies, with a good balance of shops, bars and restaurants. The magnificent parish church of La Asuncion, in the main square of Plaza Almijara, was built in the 16th century in Baroque-Mudejar stlye.

Competas Official Fiestas:
May 3rd
July 26th
Popular Fiestas:
January 20th – Fiesta of San Sebastian
January 25th – Feria del Barrio
Late July – Feria de Competa
August 15th – Noche del Vino

Competa Useful Numbers:
Health Clinic (Consultario de Competa, Calle San Antonio): 952 516 089
Emergency Doctor: 061
Guardia Civil: 952 516 097
Emergency Police: 091
Taxis: 952 516 199 / 952 516 205 / 952 516 056 / 952 553 535
Tourist Office: 952 553 301
Town Hall and Council: 952 516 006 / 952 516 381
Council website: www.competa.es
Wine Museum: 952 553 314