Velez Malaga
Velez Malaga

Velez Malaga, known locally just as Velez, is situated 1 kilometre inland from Torre del Mar and 26 kilometres to the east of Malaga, on the scenic Route of Sun and Avocado. It is the centre and capital of the district of Axarquia, with a population of 73,000. Despite it’s proximity to the coast it has not developed a tourist industry.
The town lies in the wide valley of the River Vélez from where its main resources are found. These are agricultural products of vines, olives, sugar cane and vegetable and salad crops. Good quality olive oils and wine are produced here. There are also many garden nurseries growing and selling a wide range of plants, trees and seeds.

Velez-Malaga is a working town with varied interesting architecture and old palaces. The origins go back to the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, from which civilisations a great many important remains have been discovered. The Greek city of Mainake is reputed to have stood here. Under Roman rule, when it was known as Menoba, it was an important centre of commerce and trade. During eight centuries of Moorish occupation it was known as Ballix-Malaca (Fortress of Malaga) when again it was an important strategic, cultural and commercial centre.

Velez Malaga Fort
Velez Malaga Fort

Fortaleza Fortaleza – built in the 13th century, the castle stands on top of a hill in the centre of Arrabal de San Sebastián, the oldest district of the town. The 16 metre high tower, built to guard the town, still stands in good repair as a symbol of the Moorish civilisation of Velez Malaga.
Palace of the Marquises of Beniel (Palacio de los Marqueses de Beniel) – in the attractive old area of San Sebastián, now a municipal building, is in Mudejar style with a magnificent vaulted ceiling above the stairwell.

Alcaucin Facts
Size of Municipality: 158 km2
Altitude: 60 m
Distance to Malaga: 26 km
Distance to coast: 1 km
Average sunshine per day: 8.04 hrs
Population: 73,000
Inhabitants: Veleños

Hospital of San Marcos – founded in 1487 by Catholic Monarchs.
Four convents and monasteries of artistic merit – these being San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sant José and Las Carmelitas.
Church of Santa María la Mayor (Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor) – 16th century in Mudejar style. Triple nave and stunning ceiling.
Church of San Juan Bautista – 15th century in Mudejar style with a valuable Baroque retable by Berruguete.
Towns and villages within the large municipality of Velez-Malaga are: Torre del Mar, Benajarafe, Triana, Trapiche, Almayate Bajo, Almayate Alto, Cajiz, Chilches, Lagos, Caleta de Velez and Mezquitilla.

Alcaucin Popular Fiestas:
August 26th
September 27th
Popular Fiestas:
February – Carnival
February/March – Music Competition
Easter Week – Daily processions & music
Mid May – Romeria
Mid July – Feria del Carmen de Velez-Malaga
End September – Feria de San Miguel

Alcaucin Useful Numbers:
District Hospital: 952 548 300
Emergency Doctor: 061
Local Police: 952 500 991
Guardia Civil: 952 500 148
National Police: 952 542 000
Fire Brigade: 952 500 000
Emergency Police: 091
Bus Station: 952 501 731
Taxis: 952 502 896
Tourist Office: 952 541 104
Water Supply: 952 506 450
Town Council: 952 500 100 / 900 720 525
Council website: