Almayate is a coastal town in Andalucia´s Axarquia region, situated 25 kilometres from Malaga, between Benajarafe and Torre del Mar; the latter being an easy walk along the coast road or beach. Almayate has two distinct urban areas – Almayate Bajo and Almayate Pueblo. In addition to these is an area surrounding Almayate Pueblo known as Almayate Alto where small hamlets of houses and villas are located.
Almayate Facts
Municipality: Velez-Malaga
Altitude: 0 to 40 m
Distance to Malaga: 25 km
Distance to coast: 0 to 1 km

Almayate Bajo is a small village on the beach, fringed by sand, sea and sugar cane. Excentric villagers have created artistic monuments, rock paintings and a range of extraordinary beach bars and restaurants. Hidden behind one of the bars is a bonsai nursery. The villagers also regularly adorn the Osbourne bull, that sits on a hillside overlooking Almayate, in varying guises. There are two beachside campsites either side of Almayate Bajo. To the east, between the Bajo and Torre del Mar, is a naturist site and to the west is a site for those who prefer swimsuites.

Almayate beach Almayate Pueblo is a larger, flat white village, half a kilometre inland where facilities such as shops, schools, banks and additional bars and restaurants are found. The remains of a Phoenician town are found very closeby and are soon to be excavated.

Almayate Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091