Torre Del Mar

Torre Del Mar
Torre Del Mar

Torre Del Mar Facts
Municipality: Velez-Malaga
Altitude: 20 m
Distance to Malaga: 28 km
Distance to coast: 0 km
Population: 20,000

Torre del Mar is situated on the coast at 28 kilometres to the east of Malaga, within the area of Axarquia, and has a population of 20,000. The town lies in a sedimentary plain surrounded by fields of crops, on the scenic Route of Sun and Avocado. Traditionally sugar cane was the main cultivation but more and more farmers are converting to mangoes, avocados, kiwis and salad crops.

There are wide sandy beaches flanked by a long beachfront promenade with pretty views along the coast and of the hills and mountains behind dotted with white houses and villages. Two kilometres to the east there is a fishing port and marina at La Caleta de Velez. This area has not yet been developed as a tourist attraction but remains very much a working port. There is just one bar/restaurant that overlooks the marina itself although there is a choice of several to the right of the port entrance.

The scenery along the coast, as well as a chance to spot dolphins and other marine life, can be explored in the motor launch run by the Caleta Cruise Club. These cruises cater for small parties of up to ten people and include free drinks and tapas.

Torre del Mar has a lot of atmosphere and local flavour with numerous shops, restaurants (including some very good fish and seafood restaurants) and bars. A 500 metre seafront stretch, called El Copo, is a continual line of bars and discotheques which are open until 6.00h every morning in the summer and at weekends during the winter. Along an adjoining stretch of the seafront there is a summer night market open until 3.00h every morning. In July and August the town is a holiday venue to mostly Spanish tourists.

Arial view of Torre del Mar and marina at Caleta de Velez The origins of Torre del Mar go back to at least the Phoenicians. Sites discovered include an 8th century BC ‘Town of Toscanos’ where there are remains of fish factories, a port and several houses, and a necropolis at Jardín. The town takes its name – Tower of the Sea – from the many watch towers that used to guard the coast in Roman and Moorish times.
Torre Del Mar Popular Fiestas:
February – Carnival
Easter Week – Processions & Music
Mid May – Romeria
Early June – Feria Gastronomica
June 24th – Fiesta de San Juan
July 16th – Maritime Procession of the Virgen del Carmen
Mid July – Fiesta de Las Melosas
Last week July – Feria de Torre del Mar

Torre Del Mar Useful Numbers:
Ambulance: 952 542 396
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091
Taxis: 952 540 936
Bus Station:952 540 936
Tourist Office: 952 541 104
Town Council: 952 540 404 / 952 540 471
Caleta Cruise Club: 654 094 339