Rincon de la Victoria

Rincon de la Victoria lies on the coast 10 kilometres to the east of Malaga, in the southwest of Axarquia. It has a population of 37,500, increasing in the summer months. Originally a fishing village, the increase in size is due to it’s proximity to Malaga and the airport and to tourism. Its beaches stretch for 9 kilometres.
Rincon de la Victoria comprises four urban nuclei: Rincon, La Cala del Moral, Torre de Benagalbon on the coast and Benagalbon inland, which lie on two scenic routes the Route of the Raisin and the Route of Sun and Avocado.

In early September, as the Spanish tourists retreat to their more northerly homes, Rincon de la Victoria hosts an annual Fiesta of the Boqueron (Anchovy). During the fiesta, stalls give away thousands of kilos of this fish. The celebration begins with a gastronomy contest for young chefs who present dishes based on the anchovy. The festivities are accompanied by music and dancing into the night. Details of Rincon´s other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Rincon de la Victoria Facts
Size of Municipality: 28 km2
Altitude: 8 m
Distance to Malaga: 10 km
Distance to coast: 0 km
Average sunshine per day: 8.17 hrs
Population: 37,500
Inhabitants: Rinconeros

Settlement of the area dates from prehistoric times. Late Palaeolithic (35,000-10,000 BC) sites have been discovered from which a collection of tools and Stone-Age art have been extracted. The remains of Roman settlement and a 3rd century Roman fortress are also located in the area. The Roman writer, Plinio, refers to a temple built here that was dedicated to the moon. During the 12th century, under Arab occupation, the town was known as Bezmiliana. The stronghold of the Castle of Bezmiliana, of great strategic importance, was built at this time and its remains can be seen at Castellón.

Rincon Del La Victoria Caves
Rincon Del La Victoria Caves

Rincon town centre There are interesting caves at Las Cuevas del Tesoro (Treasure Caves) where gold was reputedly hidden by Arabs. A series of underground caverns has stalagmites, stalagtites, underground pools and Palaeolithic wall paintings. These are the only visible marine caves in Europe and are believed to be the prehistoric sanctuary of the goddess Noctiluca.

Villages and hamlets within the municipality of Rincon de la Victoria are: Benagalbon, La Cala del Moral, Torre de Benagalbon, Aguirre and Los Millanes.

Rincon de la Victoria Popular Fiestas:
Early February – Music Festival (Benagalbon)
Late June – Feria de Torre de Benagalbon
Early July – Feria de Rincon de la Victoria
July 16th – Maritime Fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen
July 16th – Treasure Caves
Mid July – Feria de Cala del Moral
Early September – Fiesta of the Anchovy
September – Festival de Pandas de Verdiales
October 7th – Treasure Caves

Rincon de la Victoria Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Guardia Civil: 952 401 141
Emergency Police: 091
Taxis: 952 401 435
Town Council: 952 402 300