Sierra de Hornachuelos

Sierra de Hornachuelos Nature Park
Sierra de Hornachuelos Nature Park

Area 15 is the Hornachuelos Natural Park
The Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park (official website and maps) covers the eastern end of the Sierra Morena mountain range in the Cordoba Province – area 15 to the right. The Sierra Morena continues westwards through the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park (16) in the Seville Province and on to the Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park (17) in the Huelva Province, in all providing a very large protected area. There are no high peaks in this Natural Park but lots of rivers and several large reservoirs.

Trees include Holm, Gall and Cork Oaks, Wild Olive, Carob, Myrtle, Ash, Willow and Poplars. Scrubland and shrubs include Dwarf Fan Palms, Myrtle, Rockroses, Oleander and Hawthorn.

Province: Cordoba
Status: Natural Park – 1989
Size: 60,000 hectares

Birds of prey include Black Vultures, Griffon Vultures, Egyptian Vulture, Golden, Short-toed and Bonelli’s Eagles, Goshawks, Kestrels and Buzzards.

Mammals include Red Deer, Wild Boar, Mongoose, Wolf, Iberian Lynx and Otter.