Salares, 58 kilometres from Malaga, 37 kilometres from the coast at Torre del Mar, with an altitude of 540 metres, is quaint and charming. It is situated on the very edge of the Tejeda National Park and Game Reserve within the area of Axarquia, on the scenic Mudejar Architecture Route. Salares has a population of about 400 and facilities that include a health centre, super-market, a municipal outdoor pool new in 2011, a free outdoor gymnasium and a couple of restaurants and bars.
Salares is of Roman origin when it was known as Salaria Bastitanorum and it still has a preserved bridge built by the Romans. Later, as with other villages in the area, it had a history of Moorish occupation, Christian reconquest and Moorish uprisings.

Salares Facts
Size of Municipality: 10 km2
Altitude: 540 m
Distance to Malaga: 58 km
Distance to coast: 37 km
Average sunshine per day: 7.92 hrs
Population: 400
Inhabitants: Salareños

During each September, Salares hosts a two day Fair Al-Sarq, also known as As-Shark, in celebration of its Moorish past. The entire village is changed into a Moorish village with locals and visitors dressed in traditional Moroccan atire. A Moorish market is set up and musicians and dancers from North Africa play, sing and dance all through the night in a setting of a Moorish patio illuminated by torchlight. The atmosphere takes you back to ancient times. Details of Salares other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Much of the traditional Moorish architecture can be seen in the picturesque, winding streets, various nooks and crannies and the small olive oil factory. The parish church of Santa Ana is built in Mudejar style on the site of an ancient mosque with an almost intact minaret.

Salares Popular Fiestas:
January 17th
July 26th
Popular Fiestas:
Late January – Fiesta de San Anton
June 24th – San Juan
Late July – Feria de Salares
Late September – Feria de Al-Sarq

Salares Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091
Town Council: 952 508 903
Council website: