Isla Magica

Isla Magica
Isla Magica

Opening times:
March-October from 11.00h to 24.00h

Over 40 rides & attractions
16th century Spanish colonial adventure theme
Roller coasters

The Isla Magica amusement park, which opened in 1997, is located on the original Expo site in Seville. It is an exciting and modern amusement park centered around a lake and divided into seven themed areas representative of different episodes in Spanish 16th century history:
Port of the Indies – with ships, merchants, knights and rogues who will invite you to their fantastic Comedy Theatre. Practice your skills at the Explorer’s School, take the challenge of a Free Fall Drop 68 metres high, take a Boat to Sail around Isla Magica and ride on a Two-Storey Carousel.
Quetzal, Fury of the Gods – a Mayan World with 10 tremendous rides and trials.
Gateway to the Americas – a Splendid Fort where Live Entertainment, Multimedia and Musical Shows take place. Take the Water Coaster with chutes over trunks and mind-bending drops of 7, 12 and 16 metres, the Family Roller Coaster, visit 16th century Galleons and try your skills in the Indian Hut and Navigator’s School.
Amazonia – set deep in the Amazon Jungle. Try the high speed El Jaguar Roller Coaster with 360 degree turns, the Iguazu Waterfall Ride and the Bumper Cars.
The Pirates Cove – with Action Shows, Children’s Slides and a Shooting Gallery.
The Fountain of Youth – an Island Paradise for little ones. With Shows, Free Falls, Merry-go-Round, Water Coaster, Slides and Ferris Wheel.
Eldorado – descend the 500 metre Orinoco Rapids by rubber boat, take a Journey across the Universe, visit the Condor Circus and the Planetarium or take the Virtual Roller Coaster.

The park is located at:
Site Expo, Seville
Information: 902 161 716
Booking: 902 160 000
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