Wine Glossary

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Abocado – semi-dry table wine.

Bodega – winery or wine cellar.

Brut, brut natur – extra dry, used in reference to sparkling wines.

Cava – sparkling wine made by the champagne method.

Cosecha – harvest, vintage (with date).

Crianza – the maturing of wine in barrel or bottle. Sin crianza refers to an immature wine.

Denominación de Origen (D.O.) – A seal of guarantee that the bottle’s contents come from a regulated wine production area.

Elaborado por… – matured and/or blended by…

Embotellado por… – bottled by…

Generoso – wines with an alcoholic content of between 15° and 23°.

Gran Reserva – quality reserve wines, aged in oak and bottle for a minimum of 3 years.

Jerez – sherry.

Joven – young fresh wine, not been matured.

Mosto – unfermented grape juice with no alcohol.

Reserva – as Gran Reserva but aged less.

Sin crianza – see Crianza, above.

Tinto de Verano – summer red; made from red wine, ice and Casera.

Vendimia – harvest, vintage.

Viña, viñedo – vineyard.

Types of Wine

blanco – white
clarete – light red, claret
de mesa – table wine
dulce – sweet
espumoso – sparkling
gaseoso – carbonated, sparkling
rosado – rosé
seco – dry
semi-seco – semi-dry
tinto – full-bodied red

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