FYCMA Palacio de Ferias y Congresos

Placio de Ferias Congresos
Placio de Ferias Congresos

Many visitors and locals wondered at the incredible structure taking shape near the fair grounds on the main road entering Malaga from the west, and puzzled as to its purpose. It is the FYCMA or Exhibition Center located next to the Malaga Feria ground.

In an artistic sense it was designed to encapsulate the adjacent Mediterranean that so much defines the city and its development. In fact, this original design represents a giant titanium fish swimming beneath a rolling sea of aluminium! It is a symbol that combines the city’s maritime tradition with an image of progress.

Inaugurated in March 2003, coinciding with its first trade fair hosting 180 trade stands visited by 15,000 people, it was devised to provide an area equipped with the most modern technologies, where business can be a pleasure. The buildings provide:
49,000 square metres of constructed area
30,000 square metres of green zones
4,000 square metres of bar & restaurant areas
2 air-conditioned exhibition areas of 10,813 & 5,600 square metres
3 conference centres for 936, 628 and 180 people.

There are r ange of business and general interest events throughout the year. You can check their events calendar here.