Lobo Wolf Park

Lobo Wolf Park
Lobo Wolf Park

Lobo Wolf Park features:
Four large enclosures with European wolves, Timber wolves, Polar wolves and Iberian wolves
Puppy diaries
A petting zoo
Horses and riding
Study facilities
A souvenir shop
Wolf tours
A restaurant
Wolf museum

Lobo Wolf Park has 40 hectares of protected, untouched nature park with numerous rare plant and animal species. There are lots of events that run throughout the year including the monthly Howl with the Wolves evenings, seminars on Wolves and education talks for dog owners.

The park is located at:
Ctra Antequera-Alora Km 16, Antequera, Malaga Province
Tel: 952 031 107
For opening hours and prices see www.lobopark.com