Regions, Provinces & Comarcas of Spain

Map of the regions of Spain
Map of the regions of Spain

Regions (Level 1):

The Regions of Spain
The Regions of Spain

The major focus of this website is on Axarquia, the unspoilt eastern Comarca of Malaga Province in Andalucia, the southernmost region of mainland Spain.

Andalucia is just one of seventeen top level divisons of Spain. These regions, called Comunidades Autonomas (Autonomous Communities) in Spanish, are shown on the map to the right. Each have their own elected governing bodies and are the first level in subdivision of areas. They have varying degrees of independence from parliament in Madrid, with the Basques and Catalans enjoying the most autonomy. Each Comunidad is responsible for certain services, including promotion of tourism, once carried out by central government, and planning permission, once carried out at municipality level.

In addition to the Comunidades Autnomas there are two Ciudades Autonomas (Autonomous Cities), Ceuta and Melilla in north Africa.

Provinces (Level 2):

The Provinces of Spain
The Provinces of Spain

Spain´s division by Province has endured, almost unchanged, since 1833. In 1978 the creation of the Comunidades Automonas became a constitutional mandate, implemented by statute between 1979 and 1983. Each Comunidad contains at least one Province.

Seven Comunidades have just one Province each with the same name as its Comunidad (Madrid, Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre, La Rioja, Murcia and the Balearic Islands) whilst others have eight or nine (as Andalucia and Castille & Leon respectively).
Before the Comunidades Autonomas were introduced Provinces had greater powers. They are still used as electoral districts, in postal addresses, phone codes, and for geographical reference.

Spain´s Provinces are the second level subdivision of areas, between the first level Autonomous Communities such as Andalucia and the third level Comarcas (Departments) such as Axarquia. The fourth level divisions are the Municipalities, the smallest administrative divisions, which can consist of a city or town plus outlying hamlets, or a group of villages.

Comarcas (Level 3):

The Comarcas of Spain
The Comarcas of Spain

The divisions on the map to the right represent comarcas and can be seen in more details via the links below;
Comarcas of Andalucia
Comarcas of Malaga Province

The divisions of Andalucia´s municipalities, and the main towns and villages in each, can be found on maps for each province via the links below.
Municipalities of Almeria Province
Municipalities of Cadiz Province
Municipalities of Cordoba Province
Municipalities of Granada Province
Municipalities of Huelva Province
Municipalities of Jaen Province
Municipalities of Malaga Province
Municipalities of Seville Province

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