Route of the Raisin

The Route of the Raisin
The Route of the Raisin

The Route of the Raisin is 62.5 kilometres long, taking in villages and regions of the south-western area of Axarquia through the foothills of the Montes de Malaga. It traverses the municipalities of Totalan, Comares, Cutar, El Borge, Almachar and Moclinejo. All are small towns and villages with Moorish remains and ambience. The chief crop is the vine from which the grapes are used to make sun-dried raisins and quality muscatel wine. The landscape is dotted with drying beds for the fruit.

Axarquia Wine
Axarquia Wine

The route begins in La Cala, an area of Rincon de la Victoria, on the coast and leads, after 9 kilometres, to the first stop at Totalan. The landscape is lowland with soft rolling hills filled with bushes, shrubs, vineyards and almond trees.

After 7 kilometres, the road from Totalan leads through Olias where there is a 16th century church of Sant Vicente Ferrer. Ascending for 20 kilometres, the road passes the peak of Mount Santopitar which has an altitude of 1,020 metres and has beautiful views over the Bay of Malaga and Axarquia, past the ruins of Masmullar to reach Comares.

After 7 kilometres from Comares there is a T-junction at the hamlet of La Zubia. Riogordo is in the direction to the left and north on the Route of Oil and Mountains. To follow the Route of the Raisin we travel right and south through Benamargosa, which is part of the Route of Sun and Avocado, through countryside characterised by gullies and hillocks to Cutar which is 17 kilometres fom Comares.

The next stop on the route is a further 5 kilometres where El Borge is found. Another 2 kilometres brings us to Almachar. The landscape between the two villages is one of gentle slopes covered in vines and fincas with drying beds.

The last stop on the Route of the Raisin is a further 8 kilometres of rolling hillsides from Almachar to Moclinejo. From here it is a further 11 kilometres to reach the coast and Rincon de la Victoria.